Outline Solutions Introductory Presentation - March 2020

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Partnership Development Day presentation

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Sector Engagement Briefing Document

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  • What is the Community Sport and Activity Programme (CSAP)?

    The Community Sport and Activity Programme (CSAP) is a new collaborative and regional approach to the development of sport and activity in Wales being proposed by Sport Wales.

    The new approach developed, through consultation and working with partners, will ensure everyone has the opportunity to benefit from sport and physical activity.

    The aim of the programme is to increase the number of people taking part in sport and physical activity, as well as helping to reduce inequalities so that more girls, women, disabled people, people living in BME communities and low income families get more active.

    The programme’s ambition reflects the guidelines on physical activity that have been published by the Chief Medical Officer and supports the outcomes of the Well-being of Future Generations Act. North Wales is the first region in Wales to commence the programme.

  • What are Sport Wales's key objectives?

    We want to help create ‘An Active Nation Where Everyone Can Have a Lifelong Enjoyment of Sport’.

    The Welsh sport sector will play an important part in this but so will many other bodies, agencies and individuals who can, or could, play a part in getting more people active.

    There is lots of good work happening already and we want to build on the successful aspects of the current approaches to community sport and activity – bringing people together to plan for the long term.

  • What are the outcomes?

    See page 11 of the CSAP_Briefing_document_2018.

  • How do the outcomes relate to the Chief Medical Officer's guidelines on physical activity?

    The outcomes for the programme support the delivery of the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines on physical activity. The new body will create access and opportunity for the population to be physically active to CMO’s recommended levels through sport and physical recreation. The programme will also ensure we have complete sporting pathways across the region so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in sport and activity throughout their lives and that they realise their potential. This will ensure that talented athletes from all communities are identified and developed.

  • What do you mean by sport and activity? What’s included and what isn’t in the scope?

    We would like many more people to become active and stay active for life. Whether that is on the football pitch or at the skatepark, running or cycling with some friends – it doesn’t matter. Being active is what matters.

  • What is special about North Wales? Is the rest of Wales missing out?

    We are piloting this initiative in North Wales and are currently planning to start engaging across the rest of Wales on this exciting approach to the future delivery of community sport.

    Details of the Stakeholder Engagement Events can be found on the Engage section of this website.

  • What sort of organisation are you looking for?

    Some great work is already happening in Wales to ensure more people are physically active. The new organisation will need to extend approaches that increase participation rates and work with partners to further achieve our ambitions. No one organisation can do this alone. Silo working is out; partnership working and collaboration are the attributes we  are seeking. See page 21 of the Sector Engagement Briefing Document for further details.

  • How do I find out more information about this process for the rest of Wales?

    There are a series of Stakeholder Engagement Events taking place in June and you can find out more information about these on the Engage section of this website.

  • Who do I contact for an informal discussion?

    Please email to playyourpart@sport.wales and one of the team will get back to you.

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