The Sector Engagement Briefing Document provides you with information about how we intend to work together to create Sport North Wales. It sets out what we are trying to achieve, how you can play your part, the timetable and next steps in the process.

The Briefing Document takes account of the helpful feedback we received at the engagement events which 200 people attended in January.

You said that more time would be helpful so that you could consider this opportunity and that you had some concerns about the process therefore:

  • We have extended the engagement period
  • We introduced consultation sessions for you to raise any questions or concerns, and to find out more information, which several organisations attended in Colywn Bay on 7th and 8th March
  • We have introduced an Expressions of Interest stage into the process. This phase will help us identify the most appropriate way to commission Sport North Wales, for instance through a formal tendering process or for example through a partnership agreement.

Could you be the Lead Body for Sport North Wales?

We recognise that putting your organisation forward as a potential Lead Body or Partner for Sport North Wales is a significant commitment.  Therefore if you have any further questions or would like to arrange a meeting, please contact us using the form below:

More information

If you are interested in becoming a potential Lead Body or
partner for Sport North Wales, please contact us.

Anyone can get involved in creating Sport North Wales

  • People who share our ambition
  • Our existing partners or people who may want to set up an organisation or collaborate with others
  • People with an interest in sport, leisure and physical activity
  • Organisations that provide, promote, fund, represent, teach or research sport or who are service and facility providers
  • People with an interest in equality and a healthier and fitter population in North Wales

If you are a local club/organisation/or individual you will find all the available information here on this website and in the Sector Engagement Briefing Document. We will continually update the site as the process develops. Once a Lead Body is appointed later this year, it will begin its local consultation across North Wales to shape the way forward. This will be a great opportunity for you to PlayYourPart and help to shape the future for North Wales – so if you would like to be contacted when this takes place please register your interest by using the contact form.

If you represent an organisation which has an interest in playing a significant role in the delivery of SNW either as a lead or a key partner, or you are simply considering your options then please use the contact form to send us a message