Representatives from the ‘Sport North Wales’ (SNW) Board met on 7th March to discuss progress and review the work streams required to move the region forward through its next phase of development. The Board meeting was extremely positive with continued cross regional commitment toward the implementation of the project.

The Board recognised that, whilst considerable progress has been made since its last meeting, there had been in early 2019 some understandable delays to progress due to the tragic circumstances which our colleagues in Conwy faced with the sad passing of our friend and colleague, John Hardy.

a) The development and approval of a Project Initiation Document (PID)
b) The submission and approval by SW of the SNW initial ‘Resource Plan’ to support the implementation of Sport North Wales;
c) The establishment of a Project Team to manage and implement the PID and other requirements during this transition phase;
d) The commissioning of a Visioning / Scoping workshop, led by ‘Do Well’ who are independent consultants who enable organisations, people and places to ‘Do Well’. A report highlighting initial findings and recommendations for next steps was presented to the board;
e) The commencement of insight / data mining from a broad range of regional information and evidence to support the outcomes of the (Do Well) Vision/scoping workshop;
f) Identification of Project Leads for various pieces of work which are as follows:-

• Project Management – Gwynedd Council
• Data Insight and Analysis – Conwy CBC & PHW / BCUHB
• Communication and Engagement – Flintshire
• Social Impact Tool – Housing Sector
• Best Practice collation – Ynys Mon / GwE
• Equality & Inclusion – Disability Sport Wales


Sport Wales have provided additional resource to support the development of the full business case for Sport North Wales. The resource will also support other transitional requirements as SNW heads towards the implementation of its regional project.

Gwynedd Council have kindly offered the SNW Partnership some project management support. This support will co-ordinate the completion of the SNW Full Business case as well as other requirements aligned to the development of the regional project e.g. completion of the regional ‘Vision and Mission’ statement based on our emerging ‘wicked’ issues, examining options for future regional delivery. planning wider engagement with the sector etc.

The board intend to submit a briefing paper to Sport Wales in April updating them of regional progress and the development of the SNW Full Business Case and future thinking.


Board recognised the need to ensure regular engagement and communications both internally with our teams and current partners, as well as with wider audiences including delivery partners who have expressed an interest to support SNW. In order to build momentum in this work stream, the partnership lead in Flintshire, Sian Williams would like to start to formulate and collate Employee FAQs and Stakeholder FAQs.

If you have a question which requires an answer please can you email Sian at We will do our very best to answer your questions.


As we move toward the implementation of the SNW regional project we want to ensure that we continue to serve our communities, building on the good practise that we have collectively delivered over many years and ensuring that its ‘business as usual’.

Sport Wales confirmed at the board meeting that, as per normal practise, they will be issuing grant offer letters to their local authority partners for 2019/20, whilst recognising that they will need to work closely with its partners to ensure that their funding supports transitional requirements over the next financial year.

Further Details:
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