Play Your Part

How you can play your part

We would like a wide range of organisations to get involved including community and voluntary organisations, local government, the health and education sectors, and sport and leisure.


  • Lead Body

    Could you be involved in leading Sport North Wales and enter into a long-term partnership with Sport Wales? Sport Wales is now inviting Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for this role. Find out how to submit your EOI.

  • Consortium Member

    You may want to be part of a wider consortium or provide a supporting role. Sport Wales is now inviting Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for this role. Find out how to submit your EOI.

  • Deliverer

    You may want to deliver specific programmes and activities for Sport North Wales (either across the region or in one specific area)

  • Funder & supporter

    You may want to invest in Sport North Wales to deliver some of your own outcomes; or help bring in additional funding through sponsorship, donations to support and deliver enhanced outcomes

  • Advocate

    You may be able to promote the work of Sport North Wales and ensure more people get active. For life.

And of course you all have the potential to play more than one role

Be part of

something great!

A unique opportunity.

This is your chance to be part of the innovative organisation which will lead and co-ordinate sport and activity in North Wales.

You may already be an organisation, a club, a society or a group which provides, promotes, funds, represents, teaches or researches into sport and or physical activity. Or you may have an interest in achieving equality in sport and activity, or simply have an interest in a healthier and fitter population.

Some fantastic work is already happening in North Wales to ensure more people are physically active. The new organisation will build on the best and extend approaches that get even more people active. It’s unlikely that one single organisation can do this alone – partnership working and collaboration are key for success.

This is your opportunity to play your part and shape the future.