Getting People in
Wales Active. For Life.

Inspiration to bring transformation

Transforming sport and physical activity. Together.

This exciting programme will get more people hooked on an active lifestyle. Together we want to see healthier communities and a step change in the number of people being physically active, and that’s why we are changing the way we develop sport across Wales.

Sport Wales is on a journey to change the community sport landscape across Wales and how sport is delivered, creating a step change in sport and physical activity levels among people in Wales. We are committed to getting more people active through sport and physical activity so that the population of Wales is fitter and healthier. We are building on the work we’ve undertaken in North Wales and will be looking to commission new organisations to take forward our plans across other regions of Wales.

The Ambition

  • People have the skills and motivation to be active
  • Everyone has the opportunity to participate in sport and physical activity
  • Everyone is able to fulfil their own potential

At Sport Wales our interest is helping everybody get active and stay active – for life. At the skate park or on the beach. In the pool or at school. At the club or on the track. We are all different and have our own interests but what’s important is that everybody has the skills and opportunity to be active. Together we can tackle the low levels of participation amongst certain groups. In Wales today far more boys play sport than girls. The same is true with other groups. It’s vital that more disabled people, more people from diverse communities, and more people from lower income families take part in sport and physical activity. Everyone must be able to reach their potential – whether that is being active with friends, enabling other people to be active, joining a community 10k run, or becoming a top athlete.